Two messages :’)

These two messages you see below just made me
ッ smile ッ so much!!!

Infact I’ve actually got years in my eyes :’) made my

I love you Katie x


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Moments are made from opportunities. opportunities are made from taking chances. therefore even if the moment you want seems impossible to ever get, take a chance, you never know…it might just lead to the moment you’ve always dreamed for.

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R.I.P mean Rest in Peace right?


doesn’t it care you when you hear about a death of someone who is your age or younger but is in the same town as you or place? I didn’t know the kid who died today but thoughts go out to him, it scares me and sends chills to my bones thinking about how lucky i have been to escape death!! i Mean i mut be one lucky guy or someone is looking out for me above because seriously the mount of times i could of been killed or very close has been ridiculous. I got hit by a car a month back but only slightly grazed as i ran and jumped and it only clipped me, but i’ve nearly walked across a road with a motorway of cars going by. Ive walked out onto a road which i couldn’t see what was coming and had a car be literally a CentreMeter away from me, and yes that is scary!! thinking about it makes me unwell and sick because i’ve had someone put a knife to me before, a gun to me, i’ve been ganged up by people and somehow made it away, mostly with no marks hardly!!!! Thoughts go out to him ,and i just hope it never happens to me or my girl for a VERY long time… RIP Danny Clements, maybe not known by everyone but never forgotten.


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Saw here again <3

saw her again today…not for long but still got to see her, she looked beautiful a always even if she didn have trackies on 😉 but she still looked beautiful to me 🙂 cant wait for weekend 🙂 


love you x

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Album is out on iTunes!!!!! Buy and review everyone 🙂

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Cant wait to see my girl again, it could be this weekend it could be next…all depends if she can get here english coursework done. Im going to help her as much as possible…Doubt that ill be any use, but i will do what i can, i love seeing her more than anything and i love he little moment we have where after we’ve kissed we just look at each other and rub each others noses on each other and smile, i love them moments they make it special, i love everything about her, her looks, her personality and her smile. PERFECTION!!!!!!!!! haha, but yeah cant wait to see her again and hold her tight :’)

Love you x

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