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I broke a promise.

I broke a promise, my first ever. And my last. I shouldn’t have spoke to her till 9:00, but I did, I said to text me when your revision was done. But I got texts before 9:00 so I thought

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Hall pass partner 2011

Sam, an old friend, (no longer friends) was my best mate at one point. We did all sorts together, hung out and were best mates, here is a picture of something we created that year called the hall pass which

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Two messages :’)

These two messages you see below just made me ッ smile ッ so much!!! Infact I’ve actually got years in my eyes :’) made my Night!!!! I love you Katie x

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Amazing week

Had an amazing day today at Xscape with my girl, her sis and her sis’s new fling ;), we had a pizza at pizza expres, and they got the waitresses to sing happy birthday to me…i was so embarrassed…but i

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There’s a reason

Theres a reason I am like I am, the thing that people don’t know about me is my full story behind everything and sometimes the way I act is because of how certain things have affected me In my life,

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Tomorrow <3

can’t wait for tomorrow, get to see my girl again!!!! We thought we could only see each other like twice, in this week off…but instead this will be our 4th and its been amazing. I saw her on my big

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Best Birthday Ever

Yes it was my birthday less than an hour ago, and it was amazing, woke up got few presents got money, then got to see my amazing girlfriend Katie and spent the rest of the night with her at xscape.

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