I broke a promise.

I broke a promise, my first ever. And my last. I shouldn’t have spoke to her till 9:00, but I did, I said to text me when your revision was done. But I got texts before 9:00 so I thought she was done with it, I said everyday to text me after revision, and well I made the mistake, and yeah I’m sorry, but I’ve broke a promise, so I am now my dad, the one person I don’t want to be, I deserve nothing that I have, and I guess it’s true what my grandad, and others say about me, I’m just an arsehole, who deserved nothing with a black pit, where a heart should be, and all I do is cause trouble. I never meant to break the promise but I did and now, I deserve what comes to me. So I probably know what is coming and I better just prepare myself, because I know how heart broken I will be after tomorrow.

I am who I am.
Like I’ve said before
A nobody,
An arsehole
Nothing special
Just me

21 year old Digital Designer. from Doncaster, UK.

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