Hall pass partner 2011

Sam, an old friend, (no longer friends) was my best mate at one point. We did all sorts together, hung out and were best mates, here is a picture of something we created that year called the hall pass which was for him, he had this girl he didn’t like and she have him a pass so he could do what he liked whilst she was away, bladdy bladdy blahhh, because I was his best mate I was always hall pass partner 2 even tho, i would never cheat or do anything behind a girls back but I became hall pass partner 2 for him and because it was Just fun to hear him talk about it,
Why did he change into the horrible person he is now? No idea what set him off…


But now I have a greater friend. Someone who I can always get t know ether in many ways and someone I know will be there with me through thick and thin.
My girl, Katie. Not only my love, but my best friend too.

I love you x

21 year old Digital Designer. from Doncaster, UK.

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