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I hold on to this

I will hold on to this forever.i trust this is true and i put my heart on the line, i guess I will see tomorrow. all my love Katie, x

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I broke a promise.

I broke a promise, my first ever. And my last. I shouldn’t have spoke to her till 9:00, but I did, I said to text me when your revision was done. But I got texts before 9:00 so I thought

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Alton Towers

Yes i had a wicked time at Alton Towers with my college mates 😀 same my girl couldn’t have been there ut oh well next time :’)   but yeah great day….well apart from this:     got on bus…traveled

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Sick :(

Felt sick last night after alton towers but not much, just a slight bit of dizziness and mild aching, but wake up today felt worse and now…Just feel sick and unwell 😦 all i want is my girl to cuddle up to. Just

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6,000,000,000 in the word and the only one i want is u :’)  ily x

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Brian Melo – All I Ever Wanted

Saw this song and made me think of her instantly…especially the song title :’)         Slow DownMake it lastI’m having the time of my lifeAnd take your photographI don’t want to leave this behindWhat seems so out

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Hall pass partner 2011

Sam, an old friend, (no longer friends) was my best mate at one point. We did all sorts together, hung out and were best mates, here is a picture of something we created that year called the hall pass which

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